Intermediate Courses

Positive Problem Solving

Diagnosing the right problem and creating a culture of solutions thinking is critical in business today.


The workshop aims to equip participants with the skills to understand, diagnose, and find ideas and solutions to problems. Explore how to pro-actively lead and inspire your team to step-up and own problems, and create more of a culture with a solutions focus. Participants will examine practical examples and apply real life issues, ideas that require innovation, or areas that require a solutions focus to the tools and look at workable options to deliver back in the workplace.

This course is designed for:

This workshop will be of benefit to practitioners whose role involves them leading or influencing others, and who wish to develop their capability in solving problems, creating a solutions culture and engaging others to step into solution mode.

Benefits of attending

  • Increased confidence in leading and facilitating others through problems and solutions.
  • The ability to encourage increased ownership of solutions and follow through.
  • More effective problem solving will increase collaboration and decrease reliance on others for solutions, therefore building capability and team confidence.
  • Creates a culture where innovation thinking can flourish and be encouraged.

Key learning outcomes

  • Develop your own confidence and that of your team in diagnosing the heart of a problem, to then deal with the real issues at hand.
  • Develop your ability to engage with and facilitate small groups through problem solving tools and processes.
  • Develop key messages and methods to increase collaboration and a culture of increased ownership of problems and solutions.
  • Develop the capability to communicate a range of decision points related to problems and solutions and drive consensus where required.
  • Develop the capability to facilitate, or to teach others, the use of all Problem Solving Processes (PSP’s) such as Sistema, Fishbone Diagnostics, Circles of Control and Influence, Payoff Matrix, Force Field Analysis and more


Course Content


Problem solving skills in overview.

Understanding where problems start.

Driving commitment to solutions.

Intro to Problem Solving Processes (PSP’s).

Applying PSP to your real problems.

Innovation thinking.

How to set up a PSP for others.

When and where to use PSP’s.

Tools to assist.

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