Supply Planning

Supply Planning is a part of supply chain management which is used to predict future requirements for raw materials, components, etc. to help balance supply and demand. If this is not adequately managed and planned for, the entire supply chain can be affected. Staff need to ensure they are well equipped to deal with the planning aspects of supply chain.

In this module you will learn how to plan supply chain resources such as raw materials, parts, manufacturing capacity, storage capacity and people to fulfil customer demand. You will also learn how to achieve consensus on the supply plan between different departments through sales & operations planning.

Following are the eLearning courses for Inventory Control –


Introduction to Supply Chain Planning

Fundamentals of supply chain planning and explanation on the sales & operations planning (S&OP) process

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Context and objectives of material requirements planning (MRP), MRP process, role of the planner

Capacity Planning

Determining capacity requirements, identifying constraints, technical capacity calculation, theoretical vs. actual capacity, maximizing capacity utilization

Product Lifecycle Management

The four phases in the lifecycle of a product. Supply Chain activities in each phase.
How to successfully launch a new product in the market.
How to minimize excess & obsolete inventory when we stop selling a product.

S&OP Process

Context and objectives of the sales & operations planning (S&OP) – process, monthly S&OP process

Master Scheduling (Part I and II)

Context, objectives and process of master scheduling and role of the planner

Creating business value with S&OP

What makes S&OP effective and how to design an effective S&OP process.

Distribution Requirements Planning (Part I and II)

Using demand to allocate inventory to distribution centres.
Strategic vs. operational planning, planning units of time, aggregate vs. detailed planning.

S&OP: Financial Trade-offs and What-If Analysis

This course teaches learners how to use decision modelling to manage risk in S&OP, and make profit-optimal S&OP decisions that take many possible scenarios into account.
After this course, learners will have the tools they need to run an S&OP process that is at Level 3 or higher of the Gartner S&OP maturity model.


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