Want Responsible and Resilient Supply Chains? Wise Negotiation is the Key

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The Holy Trinity of Procurement Skills

Auther: admin

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Competition vs Collaboration

How do you approach negotiation as a procurement professional? Do you go in looking to get the best deal possible? What does it even mean to get the best deal? Unfortunately for many procurement departments, getting the best deal means getting the lowest price possible.

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Are you the grand-master negotiator that you THINK you are?

There is a negotiation skills gap. This gap arises because negotiation is usually a skill that we acquire through practice and...

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5 Reasons Why Your Procurement People Should Learn To Negotiate Effectively

Auther: Ben Shute

You’ve hired some good procurement people. Their skills are solid. They have experience. They’re a good fit in your organisation. But – are they gun negotiators? Do they...

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