Supplier Love – 7 tips for Procurement Professionals this Valentines

Just like we can end up taking our romantic partners for granted, as procurement professionals, we can let our busy schedules make us forget our significant others: our beloved suppliers!

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Cryptocurrencies are endlessly fascinating.

Smart Contracts using Blockchain. Learn more on how businesses will engage using new age technology to effectively manage contractual obligations.

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Trust me I am in procurement

What role does trust play in Procurement? See how Procurement teams manage trust using Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology

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The Future of Education: The School of Thought

Think better, argue better, and choose better. These are great skills to have with abundance of experience and data. Learn more on how to gain and improve these skills

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Learn, Experience, Apply, Progress = Blended Learning

Mass education systems suggest that classroom teaching was the most cost-effective way to impart knowledge, but it was never the best learning environment. Learn more on the perfect approach for gaining knowledge and improving skills

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