Three Startups on a quest to change how we procure

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Is anyone sick of VUCA?!

Know more on VUCA and its role in impacting the Procurement Process

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Is Adaptability a Procurement Skill?

Recruiting experts, Hays conducted a survey of 951 employers to discover what skills they believe are the most in demand (also, will continue to be in demand going forward). The top five skills turned out to be:

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Can Automation Help With Sustainability?

People have known the importance of sustainability for a long time, with interest in sustainability eddying and flowing with societal anxiety over resources. ?However, while companies used to embrace sustainability as a way to save money, the latest McKinsey Global Survey on the topic finds that the top reason firms pursue a sustainability agenda is because its part of their values.

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If she is blockchain…do you trust?

What is trust? The dictionary defines trust as “a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something.” Although, do we have a “firm belief”? How often do you stop to think about the people or organisations you trust? When was the last time you asked why you trust or do not trust the things and organisations you do?

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