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Want Responsible and Resilient Supply Chains? Wise Negotiation is the Key

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Procurement… is no war story

Procurement… is no war story! Not all memes involve cats playing the piano. Paul Rogers explains how war stories can be used to share tacit knowledge and promote in-house learning. Let's start with a story about the Vietnam War. The average age of the US combat soldier was...

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Getting Executive Buy In

Getting 'executive buy in' is one of the most commonly discussed factors which ultimately affects the success, or otherwise, of a project. How can the message be put across effectively when finally the doors to the 'C- suite' open, and we are ushered in to meet the 'very important top officer'?...

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Is Bigger Always Better?

Do the biggest customers always get the best deals? Not always! Paul Rogers explains how suppliers segment their customers, and why the biggest customers may not always be getting the best deals...

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