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Level 3: Advanced

For those who would like to 'deep-dive' and master an advanced skill.

Increase your specialist knowledge by partaking in an advanced course – this will add intellectual theory and practical skills to your repertoire.

One or Two Day Courses

1. Advanced Category Management

Examine the tools, techniques and methods that advanced category managers use at various stages of the category management process.

This intensive workshop explores the tools, techniques and methods of effective category management. Participants will discover how value is created and/or lost throughout the category management process.

  • Increased confidence and more appreciation of the role of the category manager in facilitating the end-to-end process and the tools, techniques and methods that are used for each phase.
  • More effective in the deployment of specific tools appropriate for each phase of the end-to-end process
  • Less likelihood the category management process will be undermined through role conflict and/or the adoption of inappropriate strategies or approaches.
Course code: 301
Investment: 2 days
Cost: $1499

2. Advanced Contract Management

Manage the end-to-end contract cycle and develop organisational capability to implement across the contract portfolio.

The workshop will benefit those who are responsible for managing contracts that are complex, high value and/or high risk and more generally, those who wish to develop their existing capability in contract management. It is assumed that participants in this workshop have some contract management experience, and wish to further develop their understanding of contract management tools and techniques.

  • More knowledge and capability in managing contracts through their lifecycle.
  • More knowledge and capability in applying tools and techniques of contract management to a range of contracts.
  • Less likelihood of contract outputs or outcomes failing to meet expectations in terms of cost and value.
Course code: 302
Investment: 1 day
Cost: $799

3. Negotiation Master Class

Improve capability in negotiation behaviours at each stage of the process and confidence in terms of designing and executing negotiation plans.

The workshop aims to equip delegates with capability in negotiation providing you with tools, processes and methods that negotiators use to achieve better outcomes.

  • Increased rigour in negotiation preparation and planning to ensure the team are well prepared when they reach the table.
  • More confidence in facilitating the team to ensure each team member knows what to do and say at each phase of the process.
  • Less likelihood of increased risk through the negotiation process being delayed, subverted or failing to deliver the required outcomes.
Course code: 303
Investment: 2 days
Cost: $1899

4. Advanced Supplier Relationship Management

Design and manage a portfolio of critical supplier relationships.

The workshop aims to equip the participant with tools to design, organise and build appropriate relationships with suppliers across the spend portfolio. Attendance will enhance the capability of participants to design and manage a supplier relationship improvement program. The focus is on ensuring strong relationships and changing the status quo to deliver better value. It is assumed that participants in this workshop are experienced in contract management.

  • More capability aligning suppliers to work cooperatively on joint projects with shared goals.
  • Less likelihood of contract outcomes failing to meet expectations or forecast benefits.
  • Greater understanding of influencing and interpersonal skills required to build effective relationships.
Course code: 304
Investment: 2 days
Cost: $1499

5. Advanced Contract Law

Understand how contracts legally work and how to govern them.

This workshop aims to equip the delegate with knowledge on the law and management of contracts and is specifically designed for those who negotiate, draft or administrator commercial contracts. The principal discussed will be relevant to all forms of commercial contracts.

  • Increased confidence in assessing the risk profile of an organisation and the issues raised in risk allocation.
  • More effective understanding of the enablers for risk migration.
  • Less likelihood risk management will be undertaken with the outcomes being the wrong party manages the risk.
Course code: 305
Investment: 1 day
Cost: $799

6. Commercial Acumen for Managers

Gain the knowledge to help you and your team, make better commercial decisions.

This workshop aims to equip delegates with awareness of hard tools and capability in selected soft skills. This workshop explores assertiveness and the person to person elements of procurement and contract management, as well as the contractual foundation on contracts, standards, escalation, damages, and termination. It adopts a pragmatic ‘commercial’ tone for dealing with unsatisfactory performance.

Attendance at the workshop will raise awareness of opportunities to create value and develop experience with tools and techniques used. Delegates will also gain four key benefits from attending:

  • More appreciation of the importance of contract management to deliver better outcomes.
  • More appreciation of opportunities to add value through enhanced commercial acumen.
  • More awareness of the way in which service providers can be managed effectively to ensure we ‘get what we pay for’.
  • Less likelihood we’ll pay for service we have not received, as a result of accepting levels of performance below the contracted level.
Course code: 306
Investment: 2 days
Cost: $1499
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